WQ-JY series practical submersible centrifugal sewage pump flexible ty

Submersible sewage pump - shenwupump

WQ series sewage submersible pump: 2.2kw-220kw, 5-3500m3/h, 5-200m, widely used in raw water, rain water, sewage treatment, pump station, etc. Contact us See details Submersible Slurry Pump


WQG mine sewage pump - Shenlong Pump Industry

WQG mine sewage pump is power-driven irrigation equipment. Its motor and pump are united, equipped especially with swirling impeller, double-channel impeller. It has spiral type centrifugal pump body, which has extremely great performance in draining sewage. Flow range: 100-1300m³/h; Head range: 7-45m;


Submersible sewage pump - Shenlong Pump Industry

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